Money Problems

We are not banks, we are not collectors, we are not finance companies.
We dont Lend you money, we dont invest money, we want you to be in a better place than you would have otherwise been without our help.

The people behind Money Problems are average Kiwi's, but dont be fooled by the humble appearances, the people here have saved clients tens of thousands of dollars anually, with some clients not just making comments about the saving, but by the feeling of wellbeing they get from not having to 'live life on the edge'

All of the Information

There is a good amount of information out there in the Public Domain in terms of what people can do to work out their finances.
Many of the organisations that promote ways to handle your debt list a number of ways to get your debt under control, however on most websites this information is insufficient or incomplete.

There are very few publicly funded websites, such as ######## ###### (removed due to legal reasons) that have references to companies that work (and specialise) in the process of getting your debts under control.
Upon a serch of one website which refuses to list Debt Management as an avenue for resolving debts, because of the professional structure of some debt management companies there is a reference to 4 debt collection companies on the first 3 pages of their search engine (Professional debt collection companies).

This website is aimed at giving the public a starting point to show that there are many options available for people (other than bankrupcy) to remove the stress that is associated with being financially Overcommitted.


Money Problems is New Zealand based by Kiwi's looking after kiwi's.

We are not a Debt Collection Company, we are an ethical organisation which is founded on the principle that two parties can resolve the finacial barriers to allow the two parties to behave in a manner which repairs relationships.


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