Money Problems affect the nearly all of the population

Posted by Matthew Nutter

Thats right almost all of the population of New Zealand have money worries of some kind.
Whether it is having too little or too much, almost all of us struggle in some way or another

It is not the wealthy we address on this website, however, it is those of us who scrape to make ends meet, struggle to find enough for the groceries day to day, and find that we are cutting back on essentials in order to pay for the debts that seem to never decrease.

Money Problems Affecting Day to Day Life

There is a large amount of stress which is forced onto the household by the problems associated with a deficit in the weekly budget
Although many families manage to balance the costs of living, there are a growing number of people that have for one reason or another passed the point where they now don't have enough money left each week to pay the bills, let alone the growing household debt.

It is easy enough for the lenders to turn their back on the debtor, and say it is probably better for someone to become bankrupt, in a given situation, however there is not just a financial cost to the people of New Zealand by this action, but also the stigma of knowing that your finances are out of your control.


Money Problems is New Zealand based by Kiwi's looking after kiwi's.

We are not a Debt Collection Company, we are an ethical organisation which is founded on the principle that two parties can resolve the finacial barriers to allow the two parties to behave in a manner which repairs relationships.


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